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I have seen a ray of light in the election and it is the proposed bailout which is just the logical end to eight years of oversea wars and that translates into eight years of building infrastructure and jobs out of country. Case in point: Whenever I hear that there is a “US security firm” somewhere, I am always wondering out loud, ” You know where there should be a US Security Firm? How about West Oakland, or the Mission, of Bedstuy, maybe Hunt’s Point?” But that’s just me, wondering out loud in the street without a bluetooth headset.

Meanwhile, back in the economy, I am thinking that if Bush is pushing hella hard for this bailout, it can only be a good thing for the ultra-rich club. If that’s the case, then maybe the ultra-rich–and by extension, the Republican Party–is feeling they may actually lose the election and are planning one last daylight holdup of the Federal Reserve. But that’s just me, pontificating on my blog.

To try to bring it back to poetry, please check out Representative Marcy Kaptur’s well delivered slam poem complete with group piece possibilities with the House Speaker adding an intro and outro. While Kaptur’s over use of hand movement is a little disruptive, it does add to the chaos factor of the current fiscal crisis. Her voice is a little high pitch but her breath is under control. Good diction. Nice lists. Speaks for the “American People.” Rehashes yesterday’s paper. Creative and lofty solutions. And a damn fine closing line. On a normal day I might give it a slam score of 7.5, but I’m feeling generous and would probably go with an 8.7.

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