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words are cheap
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I (heart) me some wordle. Y’all should definitely click on this word cloud that compares the Biden and Palin acceptance speeches.

I actually haven’t seen or heard Biden’s speech but I did catch some of Palin’s speech because I can’t resist a good train wreck. Long story short, that woman’s voice is tinny and shrill with a fake twang something like the demon love child of Johhny Five and a Vitrola. It creeps me out, but it doesn’t creep me out as much as McCain’s “Kissed by the Gorgon Sisters” smile.

On the whole other side of the spectrum is Obama who win, lose, or draw will go down as one of the premiere orators of this American Generation. His combination of accessible language and pie-in-the-sky big wishes never talks down but lifts up. I also dig that he can talk around key issues in a way that makes me feel like I am getting a 360 degree view as opposed to avoiding the subject. And while I am sure he has a cadre of speech writers, I also get the feel he has a lot of input into those speeched. Just a feeling.

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