Remix: Welcome to the Terrordome

My mind is still trippin from last night’s wonderful anthology reading/philosophical lecture/phonological processing that went down last night at City Lights with DJ Spooky. More to come later as I am still absorbing the 411, and seeing how it applies to my own poetics distribution theories. For a great synopsis of last night, you can check Barb’s write up: What DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid Taught Me.

But for now, on this night of scary monsters and surprise gifts, open your ears to Pharoahe Monch’s cover of the hip-hop classic: Welcome to the Terrordome.

Originally written in 1989, the first year of George H.W. Bush’s presidency, it still stands as one of the most vatic lyrical compositions in the history of hip-hop consciousness. Monch’s version stays true to the cadence and commanding tenor of Chuck D’s vocals but updates the lyrics and the images in the accompanying video to match the reality and after-effects of 2007, the penultimate year of George W. Bush’s presidency. Or, to put it in hip-hop terms, What goes around comes back around again.//S.O.S., is you wit me?

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