Scenes from a book launch

I love me a good book launch party! Especially one that has a great book to celebrate, good food, fine company, and an excellent Q&A. Ok, the Q&A isn’t absolutely necessary and I would substitute some fine guest readers with varying styles that (in a timely fashion) compliment the main reader.

The first official reading from Craig Santos Perez’s from Unincorporated Territory definitely had yummy treats, cool peeps, a great reading and process talk on a complex and brave literary project, and one of the most intelligent, concrete, and emotional Q&A’s I’ve ever witnessed.

I’ll let the picture say the rest but this is a book you want to get and a reading (if it should come to a mic stand near you) that you don’t want to miss.

from Unincorporated Territory

Reading from Unincorporated Territory

Signing Books

Barb, Craig, and Oscar

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