I can’t stand the rain!//’gainst my window

Urban Geyser
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Another day of on-again, off-again rain here in Oakland. I’m starting to think it’s just a physical manifestation of election anxiety, but that’s just me.

One happy diversion was the spontaneous geyser that erupted on the corner of 9th & Webster this morning. The fire hydrant remains a mystical well for me as it has served as wishing well, drinking fountain, communal shower, and spontaneous storm throughout my childhood. As such, it also has more than one name, Ive known it as the hydrant, la pompa, and the pump.

Seeing this badboy burst this morning let me get in touch with that little kid in me, and I was in full awe of la pompa’s power as cops and firefighters could barely control it and even the hard rain felt secondary.

Just a minute after I snapped the shot, they got the pump under control which led me to start cheering big time for both the 9-to-5 emergency service guys and for the City and its reaction to election anxiety.

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