I Speak of the City: David Hernandez

Magnolia Memories Chicagofrom preface: notes from magnolia street

I grew up here.
I know the streets like the back of a passenger’s head on the subway train. I have tasted the freshly-killed animal anger that periodically implodes upon seeing a street survivor sleeping in a hallway under a newspaper blanket headlining the upside of the economy. Maybe it’s the memory of mami y papi struggling to pry their children loose from a one and a half room, immigrant-furnished apartment that makes me empathize with all the little great people forever reminding me where I came from. Therefore, it’s my natural choice to write their story from the most intimate poem to a class-action song of universal celebration.

© David Hernandez from Rooftop Piper

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  1. Beautiful poem, perfectly captures how I feel walking the streets of the city sometimes…I'm reading some of your blogs Oscar…it's been a long time since I read some good writing…anyway, hope all is well & enjoy the holidays with your loved ones…

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