No Middle Ground

[i’ve always said that i come from the middle ground, never ecuadorian enough and never american enough. now i can see that my statement reeks of privilege.

for josell lucero, the brother of slain ecuadorian marcello lucero, there are precious few privileges–when it comes to living in this country, it’s either survival or extinction. even worse is how he will probably end up staying in the same neighborhood comforted by familiar faces and wondering which ones would turn and hunt him the way they did his brother.]

Long Island ‘lynch mob’ killed our American Dream

The brother of an Ecuadoran immigrant who was murdered on Long Island for being Hispanic said Monday his “American Dream” was crushed.

His words came as the teenagers accused of killing 37-year-old Marcello Lucero were denounced in court as a “lynch mob” by a prosecutor.

“Sometimes the dream comes true,” Lucero’s brother Josell said outside his Patchogue home. “Sometimes they take your life, like my brother.”

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Brother: Hate crime victim wanted ‘the American dream’

Marcello Lucero liked playing volleyball and lifting weights. He rented movies with friends and called his mother in Ecuador several times a week.

“Even though he’d been in the United States for 16 years, he always said, ‘I miss home. I’m going back,'” his brother Joselo said yesterday. “Now he’ll never be able to go home.”

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