Literary Presidency

• The Chicago Tribune asks: “What does ‘literary president’ mean, exactly?”
• Stanley Fish of the New York Times examines Barack Obama’s Prose Style.
• Kwame Dawes composes his own Inaugural Poem: “New Day.”
• Chi-Town’s Kevin Coval also has his own Inauguration Day verse: “The Chance to Change.”
• Scott Woods (President of Poetry Slam, Inc.) elaborates on why he feels the Inaugural Poem didn’t work at Poetry is Doomed.
• Choriamb rounds up other Inaugural Poems and Commentary.
• Rachel Zucker and Arielle Greenberg’ 100 Poems for 100 Days will post a new poem by a contemporary American poet—a poem written for and during the first 100 days of this new administration. (Check Patricia Smith’s Day #7 poem.)

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  1. Thanks for posting my Wordle Art on your blog.

    The full-size poster is 24×36 inches. Anyone is free to download it and do as they wish.

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