Some VidPo from Small Press Traffic’s "Locals" MLA Reading

The highlight of my X-Mas Stocking was a brand new shiny digital camcorder. This badboy will not only let me record more live poetry readings but also acts as an MP3 recorder which means I can start to submit with fury to some of the online journals that are putting up audio poems. Wicked! As you’ll see from the playlist below, my new toy picks up some great audio (so all of y’all who attend poetry readings to be seen and have long & loud side conversations while the poet is on the mic– you might find yo’self on blast!) but still has focus problem with venues that have poor lighting.

Poems from Xochiquetzal Candelaria, Oscar Bermeo, Javier O. Huerta, and Del Ray Cross recorded at SPT’s ‘Locals’ MLA Reading at the Hotel Utah.

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  1. Oscar,

    Thanks for posting this footage. Now I got you and Jimmy S. Baca in my iTunes. Oye, how can I get my hands on your Palimpsest and Anywhere Avenue. Let me know.


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