You Tell Me: When Does One Become a "Poet?"

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When do you start calling yourself “a poet?”, as in, “Sister, I’m a poet.”

• When you write your first poem?

• When you first read a poem out loud?

• When you first submit a poem for publication?

• When your poem is first accepted for publication?

• When you first get asked to do a reading?

• When you win a slam?

• When you get accepted into a writing program?

• When you earn a spot on a slam team?

• When you finish a manuscript?

• When you spend a certain amount of time doing it?

• When you decide it’s what you want to do?

• When you get paid for a feature?

• Upon publication of your first collection?

• Upon release of your first CD?

• And what about “author” and/or “spoken word artist?”

[Riffed off of Nathan Bransford’s You Tell Me: When Does One Become a “Writer?”]

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