Let the wild rumpus start

I just picked up Where the Wild Things Are today to use as a template for a children’s story I’m writing for a story telling stint with some first graders later this week. I read Dr Seuss’ Ten Apples Up On Top! to some first graders last week and had a blast. Yes, I could read this new group the same story and have just a good time but I figured I’d stretch a new writing muscle and take a plunge into the scary world of kid lit.

Why scary? Cuz the little ones don’t hold back any punches. If they think you suck, they’ll just tune you out. And if you are still whack and try to demand their attention, they’ll shout you out right there on the spot, “We don’t like THAT story.” “You’re saying it WRONG.” “Can someone GOOD read to us.” Yeah, hella scary.

So I’m going back to Max’s world and see if I can find what makes this story a classic and also get mah fan boy on for Spike Jonze’s upcoming adaption.

Shout out to Book Covers Anonymous for the pic.

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