X-Post: Rigoberto González reviews Kevin A. González’s "Cultural Studies"

I love the cover image on Kevin A. González’s first book. Add that to the great work I’ve heard on Fishouse, Kevin’s Momotombo press chapbook, and this review from Rigoberto, and ya know I’m looking to read this book real soon.

Rigoberto González: Immigrant’s hope, disillusionment both have a place in ‘Cultural Studies

“Let’s all believe in the place/these hard plastic seats are taking us,” says the speaker of the opening poem “Flat American Waltz.” He sits on a bus, disillusioned by the American dream, but hopeful that the next stop will offer a different story.

This rare combination of expectation and melancholy is what sets Kevin A. González’s debut, “Cultural Studies” (Carnegie Mellon University Press, $15.95 paperback), apart. González writes about the experience of working hard, only to watch the fruits of that labor collapse or be received with indifference.

Complete review is at the El Paso Times.

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