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  1. Well, sweet Jesus! This series is pretty fabulous (or parabolic?). I am thinking of those relacions, or whatever you call the Pigafetta types of chronicles. Anyway, nuts. Nuts. Nuts.

    word ver = fluoof

  2. Thank you for reading through the whole poem. It was either the long poem or haiku that was gonna finish off the 30/30.

    And you have guessed correctly, most of the versions are based on past relaciónes (conquistador chronicles of the “new world”). More on that soon, I hope.

  3. Aha, on the relaciones. This is a good idea: for me, riffing off Pigafetta could be very useful and interesting.

    Re: haiku, glad you didn’t do this. I’d think you was cheatin!

  4. Oh yeah, great language in those accounts to the Spanish court.

    Re: haiku. Maybe that’ll be my 30/30 for next year. LOL.

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