Salon! You’re ON! April 25, 2009- 7pm

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WHERE? Eth-Noh-Tec Studio
977 South Van Ness
San Francisco, CA 94110
between 2st & 20th Streets
close to 24th Street BART

WHEN? Saturday, Apr. 25 – 7pm Show
Admission: $5-$15 (sliding scale)
Reserve Now! 415-282-8705


Eth-Noh-Tec: Kinetic Story Theater: Asian American Storytelling – moving myths with modern messages.

Na Leo Nahenahe: Hawaiian Acapella Choir, with sweet island sounds to soothe the soul and remember the Aina, spirit of the Land. A joyful noise for week of Earth Day!

Barbara Jane Reyes & Oscar Bermeo- Poetic Pair: The City Is More Than Text- exploring San Francisco and New York City through interpoetic dialogue.

Pearl Ubungen: Urban Dancer: Filipina American Contemporary dance performance

Leon Sun: Author/painter/ poet offers little snippets of insight and wisdom that grow out of day-to-day life with “Nikki” his Siberian husky.

David Yun: Film Maker has shown his works internationally in festivals from New York to Madrid, Sydney top Seoul.

COME TO THE SALON! SONGWRITING – POETRY – STORYTELLERS – FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY – MUSIC – DANCE – AND MORE! There’s no other Arts event like this in town: performances, discussions afterwards, communities of creativity in conversation… this is cultural activism.


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