Shout It Out: AuthorScoop Celebrates First Anniversary

Happy Anniversary
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Congrats to the folks at, a great site that stays focused on literary news, posting great videos, and really reaching out to other communities. Go check em out!

AuthorScoop Celebrates First Anniversary
Literary News Site Positions Itself as Premier Web Portal for Writers and Readers

Austin, Texas April 13, 2009 – Literary news site marks its first anniversary on the Web this week after a debut year that saw consistent growth in both traffic and national media attention.

The site’s daily departments—Morning LitLinks, Afternoon Viewing and Evening Reviews—deliver the latest publishing news and reviews with links and embedded video from all corners of the Web. AuthorScoop also delivers exclusive content, including essays on the craft of writing and interviews with both established and up-and-coming authors.

“AuthorScoop began as a labor of love,” says Editor-in-Chief William Haskins, a digital media writer/producer and poet. “Our initial mission was to compile links and items of interest for a small community of writers and readers. We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how that community has expanded over the past year, and we’ve endeavored to expand our content to fit our growing readership.”

Managing Editor and novelist Jamie Mason adds: “It started off simply enough, poke around every day to find bits of literary and publishing interest and herd them into one place. But what’s evolved is a nifty chronicling of the springy nature of the printed word. Literary content and access is expanding and contracting in ways that warrant watching. We come across both the brilliant and the dismal on a daily basis; it reminds me of – life. Overall, that feels like good news to me.”

AuthorScoop continues to forge relationships with both writers and publishers that will enable it to bring its readers the latest literary news and views for years to come.

About AuthorScoop:
With exclusive columns and author interviews—along with constantly updated links to the latest literary news and reviews, videos related to the craft and business of writing, author quotes and poetry—AuthorScoop is a one-stop shop for information and inspiration for both writer and readers.

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