June Readin’

Oscar and Willie
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As you can tell from the accompanying picture, I’m still feelin the post-VONA glow.

I’m also feeling the “back in school” glow with some good feedback on my submitted work from both instructors and peers. To keep going with what works for me, I’m goin to start puttin the writing into one document and see if I can get another chapbook out of it. I say writing cuz I have the idea for at least one three-page play goin on in my head and I’m going to see if I add some fiction to the mix as well. Helping me through this is my course textbook: Heather Sellers’ The Practice of Creative Writing. I’m enjoying Sellers voice–she avoids being prescriptive with her exercises, leaving room for experimentation and fun.

A short but really eclectic list of readin this month with everything being a real joy. I know, that’s not too critical of me but I call em like I see em. All these books made me hungry to write something in their vein and to read more.

• Poems From Prison by Etherdige Knight
• Black Boy by Richard Wright
• Sula by Toni Morrison
• Vatos by Luis Alberto Urrea
• The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit by Seth Godin
• Winter Stars by Larry Levis

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