La ciudad sin gente

La ciudad sin gente by ~LuMaGa on deviantART

What I’m really diggin from this visual art piece is how it’s the city without people but not an empty city. Silhouettes in the widows, buildings leaning on each other and the critter running unchecked (and pretty damn happy about it) through the streets. Reminds me of walking through the City late at night or just after a deep snowstorm as most folks take refuge in their apartments. Me, I would be the one walking around and trying to notice the details that slip by as you’re rushing from place to place.

Example: While I was living in Brooklyn (Bedstuy, Do or Die) I was able to see the constellation of Orion on a pretty frequent basis. This meant I had to actually pause while walking down Franklin Ave and take a long hard look at the sky. Maybe not the wisest idea as shady characters were out and about at all hours of the night doing whatever business it is to do at 2am on Eastern Parkway. So, yeah, the expected norm is to get from the train station to your crib in a straight line; if you do see people, don’t look em in the eye; don’t look away but also don’t try to grill anyone, either. That’s the norm and here I am taking time to actually plot the stars, note that Orion is right over Medgar Evers College and ponder what that might mean. Which made me look either extremely brave, downright foolish or quasi-mystical, like said critter above.

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