NaPoWriMo #3: Sabbatum Sanctum

Candles in red.
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I’m still on the Holy Week kick and doing more research on the origins and rituals behind this current feast. Since I already have an “Ash Wednesday” poem, I figured I might as well go all the way and see how much more stuff I can include. Same rules apply as before; keep it City, keep it vibrant, keep it ritual, keep it song.

Once I found out exactly what Holy Saturday was about–anticipation-I thought about waiting on a corner for some late ass bus. Not a bad idea but I already have a poem in the collection where my speaker is speaking to God while waiting for the #4 to come in to the station. Oh well, good idea already done. The poem I came up with is more a combo of Catholic practice and urban vernacular which gives me something fun to play with. Though, come to think of it, somewhere down the road I should switch it up and see what to do when Catholic vernacular clashes with urban practice.

Here goes today’s poem:

Sabbatum Sanctum

[Poem was here.]

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