I Write Like…

I write like
Edgar Allan Poe

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I inputted the last series of CantoMundo write ups and this is what I got. Ok, note to self, time to actually read some Poe. Yeah, I know the hits but reading a broader range of his work couldn’t hurt, especially since Poe is a Bronx poet. ;-)

Shout out to Scott Keith for putting me on to I Write Like.

Ok, who do YOU write like?

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  1. I got Stephen King — which is really weird. Anyway, why do I get the feeling that this site only has white male authors in its database?

  2. @Kenji
    On Stephen King: I’d love to write like him. His ON WRITING was one of the first books I read about the daily work, grind, and joy of revision, submission, and publication.

    On white male authors: Yeah, it sure seems that way. I had been hoping my writing would be more like Oscar Villalon or the like.

  3. I apparently write like David Foster Wallace. I was hoping for Dorothy Parker.

  4. @Luivette Resto Thanks for visitin’ the blog, hermana.

    The litany of white male writers continues. I may just have to make up my own list with: Judith Ortiz Coder, Isabelle Allende, Junot Díaz, Luis Alberto Urrea, Sandra Cisneros, Dagoberto Gil, Daniel Chacon, Rigoberto González, Julia Alvarez, Gabriela Mistral, Piri Thomas and Eduardo Galeano.

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