NaPoWriMo #7: Barry Bonds on the Witness Stand

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Barry Bonds trial, courtroom blog Day 11

8:32 a.m.: People lining up for court, but if they’re here to see Bonds they’ll probably be disappointed

9:15 a.m.: Defense rests without calling any witnesses

9:22 a.m.: Trial adjourned for the day, closing arguments set for Thursday
The trial is done for today, and the lawyers will return in the morning for closing arguments. They will submit proposed jury instructions at some point today.

Federal prosecutors plan to argue for about an hour and a half, and defense lawyers plan to argue for about three hours. As a result, the jury will likely begin to deliberate by the end of the day Thursday, or Friday morning at the latest.

Excerpted from the San Jose Mercury News.

Barry Bonds on the Witness Stand

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