#NationalPoetryMonth 8/30

This collection is taking the shape of my hear and exile. There is no nuance, but rather an erasure of my being and art.

from “In the Kingdom”

Today’s read: The Planet Of the Dead by René Vaz – Nomadic Press – 2017

At our school, we often tell students that anger is ok. It’s as ok as your happiness. As comfortable as you are with with one is how familiar you should be with the other.

This message contradicts so much of US culture. Send good vibes! Stay positive! Never give up!

There is little place for disgust, shock, angst, fear. US culture wants these to be transitional emotions to return you back to a state of euphoria. Even during a pandemic, US culture is trying to speed up the clock to get things back to normal. Though US culture doesn’t recognize that the “old normal” for many is full of the exile and erasure Vaz speaks of.

Through this whole collection, Vaz welcomes and celebrates rage and anger. They are not fleeting emotions. They are real emotions and even realer weapons against US culture.

There is only one way to transform the “kingdom of sorrow” and it is only with real violence to make real change.

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