Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today

At (Ole) Yankee Stadium
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by geminipoet
Oh man, today is the last game at the Stadium.

I can’t say I’m sad about the move, since the Yanks are only moving across the street and stayin in the Bx. (King) George was always threatening to move em to Jersey and, for a second, it looked like that might be the way it would go and having the Bronx Bombers become the New Brunswick Bombers woulda been whack in every kinda way.

My last few visits back to NYC always had me going around the Stadium(s) and seeing how the legacy will continue. Everything I saw says that this new home of Yankee Pride will be all that, the bag of chips, and a dirty water dog. My only real complaint is the loss of Macombs Dam Park. Urban (over)development is the way, business, and reality of New York but the loss of this park is a real tragedy to the neighborhood and the plans to replace it–acre for acre, tree for tree, field for field–have been convoluted and rife with delays.

Still, I have my memories and they are all good (even when my best friend and I paid $200+ each for field level box seats to see the Yanks get SPANKED by the Braves in Game 1 of the 96 Series) and the next time I am in the Boogie Down, you best believe I will be up in the (New) Stadium making more memories.

[ETA 9-22-08] Yanks win 7-3 over the Orioles.

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