Palimpsest, my new chapbook, is available now. I will ship you a copy for FREE if you would like to swap a copy of your own chapbook. If you don’t have a chapbook of your own, I am willing to swap a copy for a chapbook, journal, CD, or used book from your personal library. Authors with full length collections, I’ll swap a copy of Palimpsest and Anywhere Avenue in exchange for your book.

For more swap info, contact me via e-mail at oscar(at)oscarbermeo(dot)com
Please include the words “Palimpsest Chapbook Swap” in the subject line of your message.

Palimpsest by Oscar Bermeo
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Original cover image courtesy of Pro-Zak


• Definition
• Sonnet
• B-Boy Prayer
• Antipoema
• Nomenclature
• Psalm for Public Housing
• Zuihitsu
• The Trouble with Poverty
• Ars Poetica
• A Bodega on Anywhere Avenue
• Congruence
• My Father’s Accent
• The Story of How Pigeon Came to Live in City
• Ghazal
• The Break
• Fire Escape

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