NaPoWriMo #30: The Art of Noise

I had to write at least one poem first thing in the morning to break away from my normal routine of writing at midnight. So the exercise was simple, wake up at the break of dawn, throw the iPod on shuffle and see what comes up.

Verse, YouTube, end of National Poetry Writing Month for ya boy.

The Art of Noise

[Poem was here.]

NaPoWriMo #20: Close (to the Edit)

Another forgotten page in the history of early hip-hop: The Art of Noise.

Nuthin would get a circle of breakers together faster than the break beats this group put together. I know I’m runnin short on ideas for 30/30 so I may have to return to this soundtrack again to drum up some more new poems. Soundtrack is embedded after the poem:

Close (to the Edit)

[Poem was here.]