the quick recap

i dont have time to go into all the details but i really want to post this up before it joins the graveyard of posts that i dont get around to actually putting on the blog

-Brooklyn Back Break Beat
-Hosting 101
-She Reads The Letter, Oblivious To The Fact That She Missed Her Stop Fifteen Minutes Ago
-My Father Teaches Me The Aesthetics Of Poetry At Age 8
-Brand Name
-Right Here in the Bronx

the set went aight, i think. it was by no means a standout performance. with the exception of BBBB all these poems are less than 90 days old. with a room full of friends that have all heard me bust out the hits, i didnt think i had much of a choice. some of the words were like taffy in my mouth, they taste good but still leave my tongue heavy. at any rate, this is a great warmup to worcester where i can mix up more of the older work with this fresh stuff and we’ll see what happens.

go outside and pick a flower

Author: Oscar Bermeo

Born in Ecuador and raised in the Bronx, Oscar Bermeo is the author of the chapbooks Anywhere Avenue, Palimpsest, Heaven Below, and To the Break of Dawn. He lives and works in Oakland, CA.

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