what’s to come

post 9/11 the bronx was a mini-paradise. streets calm and folks moving along their business. few cop cars and when you did see one racing, you knew it was heading to manhattan. you didn’t really know it but that’s how it felt and it felt good to think, even for a few days, that there was a place that cops wanted to rush to and it wasn’t your neighborhood.

months later, we get the yearly police report and find that gun arrests are up and that homicide is once again a problem. during the guiliani administration crime kept shrinking (at least on paper), so what happened? is bloomberg that bad a mayor that he can’t control crime? no, raymond kelly is the police commisioner and most of the tactics used to lower crime during the guiliani age were his measures. when rudy started claiming ALL the credit was when kelly left. so we have the same cops using the same tactics and crime still goes up (at least on paper) why?

what do you think was happening for those three weeks that every camera, reporter & cop were down at ground zero? nothing? yeah right. sure, reported crime stayed low– uncharacteristically low especially considering that the economy was in recession. you know what i think, i think that the powers that be took advantage of the low police presence and brought in all the guns and drugs they needed to secure their respective territories and by the middle of the year we started reading up on the outcome.

why am i bringing this up? because every camera, reporter & cop are on the look out for a terrorist attack & looking to quell any peace rallies that may break out. so what is happening as the gov’t is busy rounding up any one who looks arab and the state patrols are riding trains and cops are arresting those who dare to criticize the administration and cameras are looking for shots of patriots waving flags and reporters are jumping on the chance to interview city officials that tell us everything is ok? the other powers that be, the kind that runs the drug trades, steals scrap metal from ground zero and try to recruit their own soldiers are going to be very busy at work ‘cuz they know it could end by next week and that’s all the time they need… to turn ny into a battlefield the likes of which this administration doesn’t want to be public. next year– it could be operation urban freedom.

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