ok, so now the media is going on this big ‘was that really saddam’ angle. why? seems like it will go along the osama lines in that it will take a long (read: till the next elections are over) time until we find saddam. funny that this fake saddam ended his speech with phrases that are easily identifiable and probably well categorized in west va’s sound labs.

‘but he seem so old..’ well, how the fuck you think you would look knowing that THE major super-power is on yo ass and there aint nothing to do but stand and fight. he sure as hell can’t run. if this doesn’t age a motherfucker 20 years in two months then i don’t know what will.

my big question is not in regard o the fake.saddam, i want to know about dick cheyney.

i have not seen hide nor hair of this man for the last two years. where are they hiding his ass?

will the real dick cheyney please stand up, please stand up.

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