“Beside me, to guide me To hold me”

woke up feelin’ like hell this morning. last night at 13 was just palin draining.

it’s incredible how much energy a poetry show can take from you. the first Acentos that i ever hosted had me laid out the whole next day, as if i had run a marathon. monday’s show was just so fucking low energy that it felt like i had to wildly clap each time someone finished on the mic or suffer the silence.

the open mic was the main culprit as it was devoid of any real spark.

taylor’s feature kicked ass. dropping covers, teaching math, exploring pi, and making the case for pure WATER! yes, the aristocrats may have theri ckae but WE will have our water, DAMN YOU!

the slam was equal parts doldrum and inspiration. we’ll leave the hate behind and focus on the final round– RAC vs ray vs jai.

most of the time you feel like slam is just a tool that lets the boiusterous rant theri way into the spotlight but this crew came at the crowd with sincerity, intricate word play, and innovative metaphor and, from the scorekeepers perch, were the clear favorites of a very diverse set of judges that were seriously harsh (as most slam judges should be).

congrats to the winners, as i raise my cup of coffee and salute them

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