“While we’re on the way to there”

this is that nebulous type blog posting that i always hate…

last night, a good friend shared his thoughts on my poetry and my writing instincts… he gushed all over them and called them both incredible.

all i can say is that it was good to hear that and it couldnt have come at a better time as i have been writing close to zip this whole summer.

as for the compliments, i was thinking how nobody wants to hear how quote-great-unquote they are but we are quick to jump on stage and accept a 10 from random strangers but are uncomfortable getting the equivalent response from a friend.

there is a lot of negativity associated with the poerty scene but when you can share a beer and some tostones with a friend that wants you to be the best that you can be… that makes life feel real good.

point of the post– if there is somone out there that you know and love who may need a word of encouragement… give it to em

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