“take a little trip, take a little trip with me”

‘the cabana cabal’ (myself, fish, & rich– credit shappy with the name) rode back down to the blue ox to catch willie perdomo… again. sign of a true poet, you just can’t get enough and there are always things one can learn about going about a set, poem selection, crowd reaction, etc.

also down with the brown, ed garica, eliel lucero, holmes mchenry, and juan. there were other readers (some latino) but they weren’t down with the acentos name brand.

good news– the cabana cabal all came with brand NEW pieces

bad news– we went up after willie and half the crowd was gone

no worries, we all came across well and pretty confident considering how fresh the pieces were (mine was less then three hours old)

this new piece is titled “Brooklyn Back Break Beat” and like a super egomainiac i was talkin’ about my lines all night on the ride back home with rich which sounds like a real schmuck move but i was so excited about the poem and all the possibilities that are in it after some more edits.

back to willie– the set was tight and very similair to the nuyo reading except without both ‘Reflections on the Metro North’ and no ‘Spotlight at the Nuyo…’ which makes all the sense in the world and was instead filled up with more passages from “Where A Nickle Costs A Dime”

funny moment was when will reads ‘Somking Lovely,’ “When you smoke crack…” and the VERY conservative BCA crowd starts laughing cuz they can’t figure out why he’s starting a poem like that. the crowd will be much different when will drops by on november 11th (check out the updated calendar to your right, y’all)

big head rush moment of the night– willie is plugging the october 13th book launch party at Bar13 and says “my boys from the Acentos crew will be holdin’ down the door”

hell yeah! the cabana cabal will be in the fullest effect!

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