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Tuesday, January 13th @ 7:00pm

Acentos – Blue Ox Bar – Corner of Third Ave & East 139 Street

Open Mic & feature Hector Rivera of the Welfare Poets

6 Train to 138th Street Station

Hosted by Oscar Bermeo

FREE! ($5 Suggested Donation)

…all of tonight’s proceeds go driectly to the Reverend Pedro fund.

…all bullshit aside, the buzz i have been getting from people says that tonight will be a real jam packed house. i am not big on strong arm and threatening (fish handles that chore) but i am good at asking cool peeps with strong vibes, good intentions and strong poetry to drop by and lend their energy- so far, the response has been above my expectations and i am looking forward to a packe open mic which is always my goal (sad part- turning folks away but thats the pitfalls)

hector rivera is your feature and he is one of the few voices that gives me hope that hip-hop and poetry are not two separate roads that meet at the crossraods of commerce (all poetic and shit!)

…Acentos_Ver_2.0 is already for take off! catch ya latah!

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