before i go any further, a big shout out to tony brown for donating the money he made on chapbooks last thursday to the reverend pedro fund. nice move.

i would LOVE to say that tony’s set kicked ass but i got there just as he finished. sources indicate that he rocked the house and i was happy to see such a strong show of support- it says a lot when mutahfuckahs brave the snow and -20 weather for your words- says a lot.

friday was the ‘Whats in a Word’ showcase and it started with disaster as jess rings me up at 6:58

j- where are you

o: in the bx

j- they are flipping out here

o: why?

j- they have you listed as the first act and they start in ten minutes

when i accepted this gig, i let the folks know that the SOONEST i could get downtown was 8:00 and they siad it was cool and know i am holding up the show! not really but i was lucky enough to get a lift down and was there by 7:40. i get in and they are all – ‘ready to go on?’

sure, i am freezing, my voice is hoarse and i am suffering from anxiety- why not?

it turned out to be a kick-ass performance and my banter was pure money.

“yeah, i have taught at rikers and to teenagers in the bronx… rikers was safer” shit like that made the set go by quick and effective.

then back to the mix on sunday, where it was poetry, snow and -20 weather and (since i am not tony brown) nobody showed up. it was cool, we were competing against a louderworkshop and factor in the $10 admission and i was curious as to why i was supporting me ;-)

this show kicked ass as well as i was really cool on the mic. the after party was ri-cok-ulous as maria invited a bunch of us over and we ate like mad dogs.

trivial pursuit followed and lasted till 4am, anything else i say will sound WAY to inside but all you need to know is that the fun went on till 4am

three hours before i had to be up for work!

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