The Friday Five

At this moment, what is your favorite…

1. …song?

–just about anything from Coldplay but “Amsterdam” is still the one that gets me the most introspective

2. …food?

soy chips! hollee shheet! how come nobody ever told me about these suckahs before. taste just like any other chip but with 11 grams of soy protein that is, as the kids say, what’s up!

3. …tv show?

–still no tv for oh-scar but for kicks i’ll mention the food network and all the goodies they show especially anything rachael ray cooks up ;-)

4. …scent?

–uhhmm… any time a woman washes her hair… something about that particular smell, regardless of what product used, really makes me happy to be alive

5. …quote?

–“There is no birth of consciousness without pain” Dr. Carl Jung

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