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to quote living color. just finished interviewing for another teaching gig. i wont lay out any more details as to not ruin the thing but just keep your fingers crossed for me as this gig would be SO in line with my personal mission and artistic statements to the point where it is almost clairvoyant.

super bowl at fish’s was a blast. this particular tradition has evolved into quite the fiesta in the last decade. starting with the 18′ tv to rams-titans with only me, fish, my bro and sis, eric and 6 week old noel to last night’s all_you_can_eat_from_all_over_the _planet poet/friends/family blowout. noel is now four and almost tackled me down in the third quarter when he grabbed my ankle and generally left me out of breath for most of the second quarter. that was most of my super bowl, trying to keep a four year old happy- yeah, i had an awesome time.

the other highlight of this weekend involves my inner.nerd getting the spotlight and going all hours at guy’s for d&d. cool in that we have a lot more fun than you amy think because we are naturally dumb that way and un-cool in that i missed what sounded like a dope bash out in brooklyn.

life is hectic when i want it to be but i still have enough control to be able to dissapear when the mood hits me and it’s still hittin from time to time.

over at jobs uno y dos i am getting into serious beef with an elderly coworker. at first i thought it was just my natural personality shining through but said co-worker has been able to piss off about half the working staff and alliances are forming. bad news- coworker and big boss are really cool and if it boils down to a choice- i think i’m ass out. and so are the days of our motherfuckin’ lives!

edwin torres will be at 13 tonight which makes this a cant.miss show (feels good to have one of those happenin at 13). the last cant.miss was tony brown @ urbana and that was worth all the trouble of getting out of work early.

monday, monday, monday…. if all goes well then i will be kissing these free afternoons away but i am so used to working six days a week that i really dont care. though i should start planning a real vacation soon. havent had one since 96 when i hit puerto rico with wanda.

i am audi 5000…

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