10 reasons why you should see me feature on february 16th at johnny o’s in the bronx

1. find out what the “o” stands for

2. come see the block that jenny forgot

3. if i owe you money- it’s a good time to collect

4. your chance to heckle me for a full twenty minutes/my chance to throw dominoes at all the hecklers

5. its presidents day– what could be more patriotic?

6. the after party at ‘el coqui lechonera’ will be off the hook

7. new open mic! try fresh off the page stuff! try old stuff! new audience, who will know the difference?

8. another chance for you manhattanites and out of towners to impress your friends with your gully.ness (yeah, I go to the bronx ALL the time!)

9. the feature at 13 (national slam champ- mike mcgee) will also be featuring at urbana & nuyo that week

10. One-for-One Drinks!

on the real- i would love to see all you mofos there or here (all depends on your prespective of things) i havent done a full feature in almost a year so i am equal parts excited/nervous and all that good junk. in regard to #6- ‘el coqui- lechonera’ is the spot that me and rich have been wined, dined and pantomimed many a time by the staff.

one mo time- heres the skinny

Hidden Treasure Reading Series

Monday | February 16th | 8pm

Open Mic and featured poet- Oscar Bermeo

Johnny O’s | 2152 Westchester Avenue | (718) 792-6078

1/2 block from the Castle Hill Ave stop on the #6 train

no cover/ no minimum/ yes contributions

ps- feel free to rsvp below in the comments section… thanks!

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