“so you’re a poet, huh?”


“then prove it, write a poem about me”

this is the general shallow type of online conversation i have with a lot of woman. i dont even know why i bother kicking it to women on line any more. i know it will not materialize into an actual real world encounter. a friendship? yeah, sure- i met alexa and nina on migente but then again both of them saw me perform first so i dont even know if i can actually say that i solely met em online.

as for my version of the shallow online conversation-

girl:”you’re kinda cool”

when we meeting up?

i do not know how people can fall in love online. sorry, the idea is totally alien to me. once you’ve engaged me online then i need to talk to you and after a while talking to you i need to meet you. and i do not think there should be a big lag in time between all these processes.

the only people that i can have fun with on IM are peeps that i know and are familiar with me and my sense of humor otherwise, fugghed aboud eet.

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