last night louderarts sixth anniversary jam

the kids are on spring break so i dont have to go to the third j.o.b (ah, the song of the tragic mulatto!) and decide to go back to where it all began. start by meeting rachel at a diner before hand and catching up. rachel, as nina will attest to, is the bomb. she is so past the slam shit and i wish i could get to that point but i know that wont be happening any time soon. lovella from philly is passing through new york and chills with us listening to equal parts of catch.up and hateration.

in comes nina and now we add some litigation to the mix as well. enter raymond daniel and we are almost ready to start our own damn open mic!

but it aint about that. i will say this- it looked like an anniversary and felt like a jam. something thats been missing for some of the last few such events. this is the part where i am supposed to say how good it was to see everybody again but i have either seen or talked to most of the folks that i really care about anyhows so we can skip that bullshit.

maureen did let out an “oscar?” and hooked me up with my first drink… i’m home, kid!

my overly cynical ass will tell you that there was a lot of shit that coulda gone better. real simple shit that human nature and experience will help you figure out. this is where i come out really bad cuz i have so little faith in humanity “dont worry, people will fool you” whatevah. in the end, the positives outweighed the negatives and the night felt damn good.

then i had the real cool flashback as the acentos crew starting getting down on the dance floor and was showing folks that we young and sexy and not wasting time. i musta said it a million times- thats what it was like back in the day. after a hard night of poetry, we would get down and act like if we knew that we was beautiful and loving life.

nowadays. its “shows over! go home!” and then its a trip to res to more deflate than anything else.

fuck dat, acentos was foot stomping and hand clapping.

mara: “in my heart, you know i’m acentos”

they called last song three times before they finally got us off the dancefloor.

then off to res, where i actually had fun for the first time in a long time with inane conversation and some down low hate that should be saved for res and not the back of 13.

it felt good coming back to what felt like home. i only hope it stays like that.

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