the countdown continues

not for me but for the ladies of acentos. i gotta say that i am a little nervous for them- mahina movement is an awesome act and opening for a tight group is a great step forward in any poets evolution but they are gonna do just fine and rep us proudly.

maria & jess also get a chance to try some new pieces or work the kinks out of older poems in preparation for their upperCASE. the acentos line continues running through uppercase as fish, rich and i have made the trek but jess kinda blazed a lil ahead of us and uppercase for her is more of an acknowledgment of work and ethic that has been there for quite a while.

and as i write this, i can see some other voices appearing on the horizon. a few weeks back, i was a lil worried, as is my natures, but as of late, some lines have been making my head turn and some poise on the mic has been keeping my attention for a bit. as long as that keeps happening, i can see myself being around here for quite a bit of time.

ACENTAS & MAHINA MOVEMENT at the point tonight- be there, suckahs!

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