calling all critics

I may be putting together a chapbook. Eliel and Juan (along with fashion consultant, Francie Johnson) were quite patient with my ass as I spent a nice portion of Friday night putting together a real BETA version of what may be mah book. So far so good, I have 15 poems and a past blog entry as the meat of the book. I also have pics, working title and format down as well. Some of my older poems need a real serious edit and I also haven’t actually looked at the flow of the book with a serious editor’s eye but for now it’s more of an excuse to rehash older poems and start memorizing newer shit while on the train. Will I have it ready for the July 7th BRIO ceremony? I’m not sure yet. Since I’ve always thrived on input, if you see me, feel free to ask to take a peek and offer some suggestions.

You can ask for a copy but since we aren’t into the mass production phase yet don’t be offended if I don’t have an extra on me. So far only Grande, Lindo and Focus have copies since they were here for the genesis phase. (No, I don’t give everyone a nickname but the more you hang around me late at night and trade dumb jokes, the better the chances)

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  1. if you’d like, e me the ‘script and i’ll give it a once-over for you.

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