inside jokes (post Acentos edition)

“what you dont know is the kind of control freak he really is”

as per a semi-dare- ray medina, bonafide, jess and fish got called with morning intros today

“and next up at the copy machine…”

mucho fun last nite, the list and the house were a little thin when i got there but by the end- twenty open-micers! for some reason that is the number that makes me happy

though there is something to be said for nine-teen… TEEN!

“define growth”

i love nothing more than to put into action all those endless debates we have about art, vision, craft, the future, literature, the canon, et al

i dont think there is anyone i love that i have not had at least one good- Well, you know, you’re wrong!

type conversation

just because you are my friend doesnt mean we have to agree all the time

“you just presented the most exquisite precise argument i have ever heard, but guess what oscar, that still doesnt mean you are right”

a few months back it was pointed out that one of the flaws to Acentos is that some great poets will not have an opportunity to feature there and that conclusion is dead on the money. HOWEVER, in its short time Acentos has brought the spotlight to a bunch of folks that have wanted to read but dont get asked, go figure. AND, it has inspired many folks to pick up the pen with a thought that is bigger and greater than just getting a TEN or just selling product. meaning, we’ve helped some folks and not helped some others… well, after a year and a half of this i think i can live with that especially after hearing amalia talk about how she was able to bust a piece in front of the ox that she doesnt like to do so much since non-latinos only focus on the stereotype and not the person. w.e.r.d.

“you aint got no love”

oh, i got mad love its just my arms are only so long and i aint trying to hug the world just mah friends

“and that gets a WEPA!”


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