tonight at bar13

i will be hosting louderMONDAYS. this should be interesting. technically, its my second time up to bat, the first being a louderJAM i co-hosted with lynne that had some problems beforehand (what else is new?) and ended on a real high note with the bar singing Happy.Birthday to a certain newcomer to the scene by the name of mara jebsen.

funny how hosting at 13 has never been high on my list of stuff i wanted to do poetically and there are a few thing i would like to do but havent gotten the chance to do… yet

to put it in real perspective, i just finished doing a ten a.m. poetry workshop in spanish harlem. a 90 minute class on the most gorgeous summer solstice i can remember and the kids listened the whole time and wrote some stuff at the end. i only did two poems of my own and a willie perdomo cover of ‘Where I’m From’ and spent the rest doing q&a and talkin about the process. and, to top it all off, these are special ed kids (they never tell me these things before hand- they just LOVE popping these things on me AFTER the fact!) and it went GREAT…. so if i can survive the 5th grade special ed inclusive class of ps 57- a room full of poets looks pretty easy in contrast

still, i plan on putting my own little brand of silliness on the night. come on by, should be fun!

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  1. First of we all know that rich left that last comment. Oh and Dude you did great last night.

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