surviving the lavoe year*

warning: nebulous entry ahead

i was gonna try to keep it on the d.l. but some folks were very kind and let the online cat out the hat.

as per always, ima play it close to the vest and remain understated. eric wonders why this is any different from any other year.

the greatest thing is looking over the group of people that have jumped into the jet stream of my life that i hadn’t even spoken to last year. i really love y’all (you know who you are)

quite a number of friends have survived through this turmoil with me. self destruction is a crazy road and one i was pretty sure i had to walk alone but the best laid plans and such.

maybe i will have a drink tonight- a toast of scotch sounds good.

im working today- i love working on this day. curse of the immigrant child and all. mucho projects here today- another plus.

ima treat myself with a gym membership.

love y’all like if you were all wednesday’s child…

*after dawn saylor’s line “the janis years”

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