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Cellular Change Bring Real Life “Day After Tomorrow” To Life

Tue Jun 1, 2004 6:37 PM ET

BRONX, New York (Reuters) – Terrified of being responsible for the death of innocents should her phone fall next to live wire lines, Lovella Rose inadvertently sets off disaster. Full Article


it’s 6:27 right now and the reason we are having a sudden thunder storm is because our dear lil calica is getting a new phone… w.e.r.d.

since they have to download her info (in DOS) and transfer her old battery to a waste removal center (the EPA has been contacted), the subsequent ionic discharge has wrecked havoc on ecosystems all over the hemisphere (kinda like the Perfect Storm 2)

luckily, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is on the watch and are assuring us that all is well… in related news, no! lovella’s old phone was not the rumored US WMD…

reporting live from the bx… i be o.b.

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  1. you stoopid. and thas why i love you kuya. i knew you werent kiddn when you said you were puttin this on the blog cuz you are serious as all hell about bloggin. but you pleasantly surprised me as usual with your quick hilarious wit. happy happy birthday. wish i could be there. and i know you were givin me love cuz our one year friendship anniversary is comin up this august. aww. yeah! love ya!

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