crash into me

just got back from my sister’s wedding

the day couldnt be any better especially when you consider the fact that i am wearing a vest and tux. the family was all kinds of late (its genetic!) and the friday rush hour traffic didnt help matters. all good in the end as we got to mah sisters new crib (in fishkill- shes gated, son!) to get in round one of pictures then made it to the church in plenty of time.

it was great being part of a big event and not worrying about the details. put it to ya like this- even if i am just reading one piece as part of a larger showcase- i still freak out over undotted Is and Ts left with no crosses- the shit has started to give me some headaches lately as well. so here i am casually helping and greeting when all of a sudden- PLACES! its time to do my duty, walk mah new bro’s mom down the aisle…

the ceremony was beautiful and it was just so hella interesting seeing all the symbolism in the church and the metaphors flying in the three readings that were chosen (the bible, as a piece of mythological literature, rocks) seeing the priest twist it all around and bring EVERYTHING back to the church had me crackin up inside. i skipped on communion which is kinda big since normally i would be down for a big event but this time around it felt really awkward and that, in the end, is a good thing.

GULLY ALERT- why was mah whole fam freakin’ this week when word came down that mah new bro’s ex (who wanted to get married in the SAME church) was gonna come down with a posse and wreck sheet? answer: cuz they love any chance to get into some drama. the posse showed up but only to view the ceremony since that are still sorta friends with mah in-laws. in the end nothing happened but the priest(!) still called the local constable to make sure it remained copasetic. way to go, padre!

the reception was cool. nice mix of music to satisfy the ecuas and the upstaters (mah sis is marrying into a very caucasian family) with the biggest surprise being mah 9 yr old niece rockin all the moves. lawd, she is going to be a handful soon enough.

i am so happy that mah sis has found her media mitad (other half) and that she has a new life to work on. as for me, normally i get very self-conscious at these events and try to duck most of mah fam since they all say the same sheet- “when are you next?” same question crept up but i was cool being single and with no immediate hope of marriage. soy ridiculo/pero estoy comodo en me forma de ridiculo

though when they played CRUSH from the dave matthews band (mah sis is the HUGEST dmb fan and all the tables had dmb lyrics and names on them) the way back machine hit and i was back in a studio apartment with a voice calling me from the kitchen for dinner and that is a place that i am never getting back to so it always fucks me up that i can hear J’s voice clearer than my own common sense… but the moment passed as mah sis had her last dance.

all the best to her on this part of her journey…

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  1. If you can’t see your blog falling down around you, I guess I’ll have to remind you: UPDATE, DAMMIT, UPDATE!

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