"the way because the devil trying to break me down"

For Eliel- Hola, Grande!

For Rich- Profe, you act like we don’t talk. ;-)

For Matt- Jiabro, mah pretty “Yes! He finally updated!” niggah!

For the rest of y’all- I’m back from a great “I aint go no place but Damn! I got to see a lot of Charmed” vacation!

Gots to stay focused and remember that at one point I set up this blog to track my progress as a poet (who happens to perform) and as such, Ima have to tell y’all about the two gigs I recently did especially since one was almost a pure cluster F (the WAHI reading with Raina) and the other was real chill (Dowtown Bronx Café)

I’ve also been hosting like a motha even when I didn’t really plan it that way and have had WAY too much fun (Poetry in Central Park) and then wasn’t really into my element like I shoulda been (upperCASE)

There is a super cool project in the works (got to stay blog.nebulous)

Contrary to rumor, I am not dating any one (my love life gets mentioned in the oddest places) and I don’t know if I am actually ready to date some one on the serious.

Make your plans now! January 24th is my full.balls.to.the.walls feature at louderMONDAYS. Ya know, between you me and the rest of the internet, I acted like quite the 16 year old on prom night when I got the call to bring my game to the spotlight. For a fact, major things happen to my work when I am given chances like this and the opportunity to have 20 minutes at Bar13 is pretty damn cool.

Yesterday, I wrote another love poem to “the one that got away.” It’s not the one I’ve been toying in my head for the last year (I take all the nights we’ve spent together/Wrap them around my chest like chain mail/Hold the days we’ve wandered lost together/Silent pearls I place around your neck) Nah, not that one… some other new food.equals.love type shit that may have way too many coincidences with “Ceviche” but then again I don’t really care.

That’s it for now as I look out the window and see the Bronx moving along like if it was any other day which, if you plan on staying in the Bronx, is just that- another day in the ‘hood.

Love ya like if I drew you mah self with charcoal and pencils on a breezy Bowery night…

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