"above us only sky" part 2

sunday, 08.08.04 (un-conventional poetry at the nuyorican)

:: this time around i have some more back up as ray, scot, raj and

mara join me and raina for this gig. the women who invited me is an

old workshop buddy who is busy documenting the insanity that will be

the RNC. the reading is cool. i start finding out that i have a lil

bit of political poetry in me thanks to ‘getting ronald reagan to

visit the south bronx’ and ‘sorta-rican’ this time around i nail them

both pretty well. raina also brings some new hotness and a classic.

mara keeps shining and glowing. raj’s star is rising. synonymus

almost gets screwed- again but i am able to bogart the mic and keep

the crowd from watching the boys set up their gear on the fly but at

least they didnt get jipped like they did earlier in the week when

they were told they would close out for 20 minutes and instead given

five. and the PROFE is back!!! rich arrives back from NPS half way

through and the love grows.

this time around both the reading and the after party rock in many, many


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