"Nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about" part 3

friday, 08.20.04 (poetry in the park/cherry hill- central park)

:: travis from Not in Our Name organizes this suckah in record time

and gets a real impressive slam line up to appear. on ed garcia’s

recommendation he asks me to co-host with him. sure, why not. i get

SO friggin nervous that i show up an hour early for the thing! the

set-up is amazing.

picture a path in central park alongside the lake with some amazing

architecture filling in the space between the pet and the horizon

which is tinged with orange clouds that occasionally flash with

lightning. just amazing.

everyone rocked and kept true to the time limit. well, not everybody,

a bunch of me homies- scot, duffy and raj were on the open mic list

and they lamost didnt get to go on thanks to this one lady that

thought she was the feature. some other lady also ran off in a huff

when she couldnt get on since the cops were kicking us out at 9 on the


in nebulous news- i made an alliance and pissed some one off. i am

happy about the former and indifferent as to the latter.

a long walk, a dashed dream of peruvian shrimp soup, some good noodles

and laughs at the nuyo made this one of the events that made life

really worth it. oh yeah, i didnt fuck up in mah hosting duties or so

say some folks.

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