cool moment

the cool moment is always rare and too far in between. they are usually marred by saying too much or getting caught with your tongue in a mousetrap. mah favorite cool moments are the ones in ‘Law & Order’ where (usually) the perp says something and then the cops shut ’em up with a flippantr remark or (later in the show) when the smug defendant mouths off to the DA.

here is my cool moment from last night-

ob- do you know where the auditions are?

security- over by that desk.

ob- thanks

sec- hold up, a sec

ob- yeah?

sec- can you tell me what the audition is for?

(ob thinks- nikkah, you work here… why dont you tell ME?)

ob- its for a poetry workshop and performance

sec- oh, ok

ob- yeah

sec- wait up, is it true its for a nude performance?

ob- dude, trust me, you do NOT want to see me naked

and i walk through… money looked quite puzzled, as was i… later on his partner explains that he was fukin wit em and that it was a joke… okey dokey then

and for the curious- i think i bombed the audition but so goes the way of the coin or sumthin

love ya like if i would use a doll and thread mahself for ya in the name of performance art

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