reanimatin the vocabulary

while sayin ‘i love you’ may be the ultimate

sayin ‘i trust you’ requires a hell of a lot more

reflecting on this with raymond daniel-

“sure, dude, love is an instinct

trust must be learned”

or sumthin like that (ray said it a whole lot bettah)

last night at 13, i was exhausted. it had nothin to do wit the show, its just that emotional unbeardening will do dat to ya

i never realized how much of my life is just the canvas of a painting and the rest is the scenes i’ve left behind

(on a semi-related note: i spent sunday morning in the park, collecting leaves in a jouranl while writing and sketching nature shots. people were kind of impressed with the sketches, i may have a new hobby)

love ya like if ya listened without prejudice

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