feelin’ diva

last night, for the first time in a long time, i actually performed a

poem at bar13. mind you, it is not like i have totally shunned

reading on mondays but with the sabbatical i took over the summer and

my (incorrect?) assumption that my voice (as a feature and as a host)

is heard often enough, it seems that i have not read there as often as i should.

i did ‘Sorta Rican’ and rocked it in a way that does the poem justice. less body, more voice and hands and enough faith in the next line to find the pauses. i have been able to consistently nail the funny and ironically sad lines in the poem but finding the anger that comes from a few of the lines and serves to rocket me into the core stanzas has been a challenge. it will continue to be a challenge as i do not anger well in public (in private is a different matter). some folks that know me from parties and hosting and being a jackass on mondays gave me some refreshing words and commentary afterwards. ima have to make it a point to hit 13 with some more work that needs to be tested on the stage. not too sure if the same applies for acentos but we shall see.

(btw: if you were there last night, did ya notice how hard mah right

foot was shakin’? the nerves, they NEVER go away!)

it seems that the muse is smiling on a bunch of us lately (visit Matt

& Eliel’s blogs to read some great new work & listen for Nina’s new


love ya like if i found the crux of the poem in mah natural voice

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